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Chatterfun is helping your children explore and discover the world at an early age. This path will lead you through our research and illustrate the importance of language and culture in early childhood. You will learn more about Chatterfun and how to purchase products that are the first steps in languages.
Chatterfun partners with schools and early childhood centers to support cultural and foreign language programming. This path leads you though the functional areas of our site to learn more about our team, our mission and our global initiatives while also sharing the link to get started on a partnership.
The success of the Chatterfun mission is rooted in our partnerships with professionals from around the world. We welcome your collaboration, feedback and contributions. This path will help you learn more about our work, our advocacy and how we can work together to build brighter futures for kids.

Chatterfun Media is opening the world to young minds through language discovery and cultural exploration. From toddlers to pre-teens, Chatterfun is an introduction to multi-lingual possibilities. Before you invest several hundred dollars enrolling in language classes or purchasing expensive books or tapes, our affordable and fun learning builds critical first steps towards successful long-term language development. Chatterfun curriculum is used in schools, organizations and clubs around the world to introduce children to second languages. Now available – Downloadable software that entertains minds. Chatterfun – First Impressions of a Global World.

  • An Update to Chatterfun…Coming Soon

    02/27/14: We would like to thank our customers and schools for the wonderful feedback based on our latest software release last summer. Looking forward, we are pleased to tell you that we have taken many notes and are back in production towards producing yet another major revision to Chatterfun. This new version will be even […]

  • Miss Frugal Mommy Feature

    08/26/13: Drop in on the Miss Frugal Mommy blog to read a feature post on our Elly software. Here is the link – http://missfrugalmommy.com/abcs-with-elly-language-learning-software-giveaway/    

  • Chatterfun Media Announces the Release of “ABC’s with Elly” and “Spelling Bee Interactive” Software

    08/08/13: Explore and discover multiple languages in a fun, positive learning environment through software and printable activities with Chatterfun, the First Steps in Languages. Chatterfun My First Language Lesson With Chatterfun software, children as young as three years old explore multiple languages in a positive and fun learning environment cultivating a passion for learning. Indianapolis, […]

  • Featured on B-Inspired Mama

    08/07/13: Stop by the B-Inspired Mama blog to read a review of Chatterfun products written from the perspective of a teacher and mom. Our product development team is seeking your evaluation and feedback. Help us grow the first steps in languages by sharing your experience with Chatterfun. Chatterfun

  • Software Updates Coming Soon

    05/26/13: Chatterfun Media will soon release new versions of our software. We have added additional content, illustrations and features including more printable activity worksheets. Chatterfun continues to grow based on your feedback and contributions. If you have suggestions for improvements or additional, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.  

  • Nominate Your School to Receive Free Software

    05/17/13: Chatterfun is accepting nominations for schools to receive free software. In addition to software, schools will receive a comprehensive curriculum package, technical support and other assistance. Chatterfun has created the “For All Kids” campaign to provide a complete set of tools for schools to implement global learning in the classroom. Please use the contact […]

  • Summer Time is School Break Time

    04/07/13: Don’t let the long summer end with lost skills. Use the time to continue development with interactive activities, visits to the library or other cognitive building pursuits. International travel is a great pursuit in your exploration of language. One positive with the economy is that international travel is cheaper today than in past years. […]

  • School Conference Schedule

    02/25/13: The Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference is on March 1 and 2 in Denver, Colorado. If you are planning on attending, please let us know. We would love to have the opportunity to connect with school professionals. If you are attending other conferences this year, Chatterfun often has staff present who can demo our […]

  • New Website and New Look for Chatterfun

    02/24/13: Our new website is now open. You will notice a major revision including more features towards sharing our research in global language development. Chatterfun has a wealth of subject matter experts who are actively involved in developing best practices in inter-cultural and language development. We hope that you find the new site to be […]

  • Happy New Year! We look forward to 2012 –

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