Our Company

At Chatterfun Media, we have designed a learning system to introduce children to foreign language and culture. Prior to investing in a long-term fluency program, Chatterfun is an affordable first impression of multiple languages allowing children to explore and discover in a fun and entertaining way. Chatterfun programs prepare young minds to be better prepared and more successful in a long-term language fluency program. Developed by early education professionals and supported by current theory and research in language development, our software is available for purchase and download immediately. To learn more, read Our Promise below:


Our Promise

We at Chatterfun Media promise that your child will not become highly fluent in four languages through using our software but what your child will learn is most amazing! Chatterfun promises:

  1. Educational software can be fun and entertaining.
  2. You will find a language that you love and want to explore further.
  3. As you use the software, you will begin to discover many different cultures and languages while learning how to say and understand basic words.
  4. You will be much better prepared to start a formal language training program and be much more likely to be successful at the long-term commitment of learning a foreign language.
  5. If you can afford the cost of a fast food lunch for your family, then you can afford the cost of our solutions. Don’t start by purchasing expensive tapes, books or tutors. Chatterfun offers an opportunity to first explore, discover and develop an interest before making that final investment.
  6. Your purchase of Chatterfun products is the start of a commitment to your child that you care about their education and with continued support they will become fluent in second or third languages while developing skills that will help them become successful long into the future.
  7. Lastly, Chatterfun will be here when you need us for technical support, customer service or other needs. Chatterfun is a company made of up educators who care about the quality of your child’s education.

Our Story

Chatterfun Media was created by a team of educators who understood four things –

  1. Global learning is increasingly becoming a highly critical competency.
  2. Research shows that a second language improves overall cognitive ability.
  3. Educational reform has cut funding for global languages.
  4. Languages are best taught at an early age while most schools don’t introduce languages until high school.

Using this information, Chatterfun began seeking solutions.

We designed our products around technology because the younger generation connects better with interactive learning products and technology can serve as the facilitator. The software is written so that students can learn without a teacher therefore it can be easily implemented in an environment where foreign language staff are not present or at home in households that are not multilingual.

We focused on developing software for young children because this group can largely benefit the greatest but at the same time have the fewest resources towards developing skills in global languages and culture. Furthermore, research illustrates that bilingual students are better students having higher cognitive skills.

We are an international team of researchers, writers and educators in language, linguistics, and literacy with contributors in Greece, Malaysia, Spain, United States, England, Uruguay, Germany, and other countries.

We created a foundation to provide school districts with no cost or low cost solutions and support because funding isn’t available but the need is great. We would love for every child to have equal opportunity to explore and discover second languages and foreign cultures.

We created a discovery and exploration product that isn’t intended to take a child to fluency but rather provide them with a fun environment to generate interest and excitement in becoming a serious learner of global languages. Why should parents spend hundreds of dollars for a four-year-old who has never taken a foreign language class?

We are committed to effective improvements that fit our mission of introducing global development to kids. Each year, we reinvest back into our products using ideas submitted by our users. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas, thoughts and questions.