Education is important to us!

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The school districts, educational partners, teachers and school administrators to whom we collaborate with remain our most critical partners. Along with our software which is designed to be taught without bilingual staff or foreign language specialists, Chatterfun has developed a curriculum series titled “My First Language Lesson”. With lesson plans and activity worksheets, you can focus on delivering an exciting and fun first step in language learning.We encourage you to explore Chatterfun Media by using the link below and then please use the Contact Form to reach us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Read about Our Company, Our Story and Our Promise. You will have a better understanding of how Chatterfun was formed and how our mission relates to your needs.
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    Select a few articles from leading professionals who have partnered with Chatterfun or flip through our Global Youth blog to learn more about the prevailing thought and research into language learning. Use the research to better understand your needs and begin to develop an opinion on the best learning option for your child.
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    Evaluate our products before you purchase. We have uploaded screenshots and videos that demonstrate the learning up close. Decide if our products are the solution for your child to begin his or her learning adventure.
Chatterfun Media examines all partnerships for strong value and sharing capacity. We seek alliances that are exceptional to which we are fully vested as a contributing partner. We are eager to speak with you to learn more about you and your organization.