Purchasing Help

Here you will be able to contact Chatterfun about any technical questions you may have.

Here you will be able to contact Chatterfun about any technical questions you may have.

Here you can contact Chatterfun about purchasing questions you may have.

Welcome to the Chatterfun Shop Help

The Chatterfun shopping experience is a secure environment where you should feel comfortable with your purchase. Our staff has developed a protected environment where your credit card information is not stored and tools such as Authorize.net keep you safe. We have designed a transaction page that is simple and limits that amount of personal information that you need to share. If you are having a problem purchasing Chatterfun products, please review our step by step guide below.

Step 1 Our customer shopping experience begins at the Chatterfun Shop

Step 2 You may click on the product to review the product description, view a slide show of screen shots or read customer reviews.

Step 3 When ready to purchase, click on Add to Cart.

Step 4 You will be taken to your online shopping where you have three options; select

  1. Continue Shopping – if you would like to add an additional product.
  2. Update Cart – if you would like to make a change to your shopping cart by changing the quantity or removing an item.
  3. Proceed to Checkout – if you are ready to complete your purchase.

Step 5 Enter your billing address. This information is required to match the billing address of your credit card. Enter your email address and create a password that will be used to access your account to download your software. We will send you your electronic log-in for your software once your transaction is approved. Lastly, click in the box to accept the End User License Agreement and click on the Place Order.

Step 6 Enter your credit card number, expiration date and CCV. Click on Confirm and Pay.

Step 7 The transaction is complete. A confirmation is sent to your email. The download instructions are sent once the transaction is approved by your credit card company. This email can take several hours depending on the status of the credit card approval agency.

If you have questions or comments about your Chatterfun shopping experience, please use the Contact Us page to reach our customer support department. We hope that you enjoy your Chatterfun experience!