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Tips to Encourage Children to Develop Second Language

September 1, 2013:

Newborns and children up to the age of five, have an amazing ability to communicate. When they cannot speak, they use gestures and their eyes to communicate what they want. As they grow older they learn to speak and try to explain what they want using words. Most parents concentrate on the physical development of their new-born child. These parents forget that language development is just as important and both developments need to be taken hand in hand.

You as a parent can use many different techniques to develop your child’s language. Nowadays, most couples are interracial and a child is brought up with one set of grandparents living in one country while the other live in one country. Children need to be able to communicate with both sets of grandparents easily. Not everyone speaks English as it is popularly believed. Parents who come from two different cultures should try to teach their children both languages. This will help the child develop language skills and other skills much better.

There are different ways that parents can employ to have their child learn another language.

•    Nursery rhymes and songs are popular among toddlers. Parents can play songs and rhymes for children in a foreign language. The child may not understand the language at first but with time and repetition, he/she will comprehend the language.

•    All children love it when a story book is read to them. Parents can use story tapes in foreign language. Parents can easily find their child’s favorite story in the foreign language and play it to the child.

•    Words and picture cards are used to teach children vocabulary of a certain language. Parents can have these cards in the foreign language of their liking and have the child enhance vocabulary.

•    Have a play day where you pretend to be in the foreign country along with your child and have him/her speak the language. This will help the child not only develop the language but will also help the child understand the culture of the country.

•    As your child grows, and starts to write the language, find him/her a pen pal from the foreign country. This will help the child understand and communicate much better in that language.

•    Parents should realize that in this day age, the children born are technology kids. The kids are going to want to sit on the computer and play and learn. Different language programs can be installed where your child can learn the language with a fun interactive way.

•    Learn the language if you do not know it already and speak in that language with your child. The child may show some reluctance but overall, the child will learn the language. There will come a time when the child will speak with you in that language.

•    Visit the country for real. Yes it is not possible to plan a trip abroad every year but if you save up and visit the country every few years, you will help your child develop the language much better.