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Why Should Teachers and Parents Involve in Fun Learning During Early Education?

July 21, 2013:

Teaching a child to do anything and expecting him/her to follow through as an adult is actually crazy. A child is a child and cannot be taught with a strict rule. A child needs to understand why two plus two is four; not just the fact that two plus two will always equal four.

Early childhood learning should be fun. Why? A child’s brain starts development in the womb. Once the child is born, the brain is ready to absorb everything and anything. This does not mean that the child will understand whatever you say. A child is after all a child. He/she has to develop the different Sensory-motor skills along with other basic skills before you hand him/her the book of quantum physics.

This does not mean that you cannot start teaching your child different things. Children develop abilities and brains according to age. On average, children do not start speaking till after one year of age. At this point they start speaking one word and gradually their vocabulary increases over the years.

A child can be helped in developing different skills. This activity can be tiresome for adults if they are rigid in their teaching methods. Teaching a child should be fun for the child and for the adult. Play is one fun way for the child to develop skills. It helps them investigate and discover, they can explore cause and effect relations, test theories, learn family values and societal roles.

Role play helps a child learn and also boasts self-esteem. Parents should be encouraged to read, play and speak with their child from birth. Learning is a social process and it cannot be just taught. A child has to experience different socials contexts to understand how and why things are done in a certain way.

Using play to help a child develop new skills requires the child to explore and think how he or she can tackle a certain situation. A fun learning experience helps the child develop the entire brain, not just the right or left part of the brain. The left part of the brain has all the logics and is used to develop a response using a certain set of logic. The logic might be wrong but trial and error helps a child develop skills properly.

Nowadays, parents can buy children toys that help them learn and understand various things in life. A trip to the park should not be dreaded. Yes the child may want to eat the sand but let us not forget that he/she is developing the sense of touch and is trying to understand how sand is different from water.

Parents who allow their child to learn using fun techniques are definitely going to end up with children who have great analytical skills. These children have a better understanding of the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of life compared to children who are subjected to rigid teaching methods.